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"This past year has been a monumental and wonderful change in our family, which I credit greatly to Sherri. My husband and I decided to move in the area from Galveston County to be near our son and his family. We reached out to Sherri with preconceived ideas of what our journey of buying a house would be - we were surprised and discouraged with the ups and downs in the process. We spent months and many trips driving up looking at houses only to lose them in multiple offer wars, sellers not honoring agreements, and even selling property to another buyer after giving us his word it was saved for us. Through it all, Sherri remained positive and encouraging even though we were at times wanting to give up the move altogether. We bought the house we are in today because she was tenacious and determined to get us in the area we desired to be in, consistently researching until this home became available. And if I wasn't a big fan of Sherri's after this home buying experience, I absolutely became one when she helped our daughter find a home a few months later. Our daughter decided to move up from Houston to be with the family and Sherri graciously accepted my request to find her a house. I would have totally understood if she had told me to find another realtor after what she went through with my husband I. Instead, she jumped in with her quiet, positive manner and started the search all over again. Our daughter moved in her home in August and absolutely loves it. We are sharing life together as a family now and I include Sherri in our little family. Rightfully so since she found our son and his wife a home in the area 8 years ago! I love and respect Sherri, as a woman of God and as a realtor with integrity. I highly recommend her - she will work hard and do everything she can to help you find and purchase your perfect home."

- Sue Hodge

“Sherri made the selling experience a pleasure to go through. She is extremely attentive to detail, stays on top of everything and keeps all parties on track. Sherri goes above and beyond what is expected of a realtor and is willing to help out in any way possible. She truly cares about her clients before, during and after the sale. Sherri starts out as your realtor and by the time the process is completed she becomes a friend of the family. We would recommend Sherri to anyone. Thank you Sherri for everything you do”.

- Anthony Kipping

"Here is what Bob Terrell, Sales Manager of Park Place in Frisco had to say.  “I have worked with many Realtors through the course of a year and really appreciate their efforts and entrusting their clients with me,” says Bob Terrell. “However, Realtors like Sherri Matney are a new home salesperson’s dream. In addition to her impeccable professionalism and marketing knowledge, she took the extra time to make sure that I accurately understood her clients’ needs and requirements.

- Bob Terrell

"Sherri Matney was an incredible asset with my home purchase. DFW is such a hot market right now but Sherri didn’t seem to mind all my endless calls, texts, and emails. Once we found the right house, Sherri worked consistently and thoroughly throughout the transaction. Her honest assessment of each situation during the process set the tone for the rest of the transaction during escrow.  

To say that Sherri is hardworking, intelligent, warm, enthusiastic, clear thinking, punctual, and was considerate of my needs and wishes is the greatest understatement. Sherri has all of these qualities and more. And most importantly, Sherri gets you that house!

In the end, the most important point is that I bought the perfect house at a great price!  Sherri is a savvy realtor who handled my transaction with ease, and she should definitely be your realtor of choice."

- Robin B. Jones

"If you want a professional...let Sherri make it happen for you.  
We had attempted to sell our home, but nothing really happened...except we did get a lot of "lip service" from the listing agent.  There were a couple of "so called" offers, but the buyers were not pre-qualified.  Neither sale closed and we took our house off of the market to wait until the market was better.  Just as all of this was happening, Sherri Matney contacted us and asked for the opportunity to market our property.  She evaluated the property, suggested an appropriate selling price, and then she went about her business of assuring exposure of the listing to many other realtors in the area.  Showings were immediate and the sale was completed.

Once we were assured of the sale of our house, we had to find some land in a more rural area than where we had been living. Sherri asked to help us with this endeavor...that being...finding us a building site of 2.5 acres and then contracting a builder to handle the construction phase.  Again,Sherri was always there when needed and her guidance was wonderful. She didn't disappear once the land and the builder were "in place."  She listened to what we expressed as our requirements/likes/dislikes and then went about making it happen. Her negotiation skills kicked into gear and she took the construction phase just as serious as she had the selling of our previous residence. She stuck with it all the way through the final inspection and two or three phone calls since.

BOTTOM LINE: Sherri tirelessly to market (not just "list") a property.  She listens and follows the customers wishes.  And most of all, she is invaluable in the negotiation phase.  If you want a professional...let Sherri make it happen for you."

- Larry and Tina Snow

This testimony is made of my own free will and no compensation was received.

"I would like to recommend, Ms. Sherri Matney of RE/MAX Advantage.  Ms. Matney assisted my family in the purchase of a home in December of 2011.  We were very pleased with Ms. Matney's dedication in the purchase, she was always willing to show other properties and assisted in every way possible. I am sure that Ms. Matney will also be our real estate agent if the need should arise."

- Mrs. Shirley Jones

"Experience, commitment, dedication and by all accounts, hard work ethic.
Sherri Matney's experience, commitment, dedication and by all accounts, hard work ethic has helped me buy two investment properties, and currently working on my third.  Sherri has gone over and beyond what my past realtors would not.  She took each one of my investment properties as a personal conquest to make sure that I got the best deal.  Even when there were a couple of hic-ups on my side, she went out of her way to make sure the deal went through.  I highly recommend Sherri Matney.  I have bought and sold many properties with other realtors, but have never gotten the personal attention, dedication, and perseverance as I receive from Sherri."

- Jamelle Knowles

"Home buying experience in the North Texas area a joyful and stress free adventure!
Sherri Matney..."A realtor who is strongly versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of DFW market conditions and will work to exceed all requests from a home buyer, excellent advising of highly qualified and experienced mortgage lenders and closing firms.  Made our home buying experience in the North Texas area a joyful and stress free adventure!"  Thank you Sherri!"

- Glenn Wolford

"She is tenacious, positive thinking and unwavering in providing a caring attitude."
Sherri Matney, RE/MAX Advantage, is a seasoned agent who works with her clients in a caring manner during the stressful event of selling a home.  She offered helpful tips to "get the house ready" for market and engaged in several tactics to enhance the visibility of our home to prospective buyers and their agents. I would recommend Sherri Matney as your agent.  She understands the real estate market.  She is not a high pressure agent.  She is innovative and willing to try new strategies that customize marketing strategies for YOUR home! She will listen to your concerns. She is tenacious, positive thinking and unwavering in providing a caring attitude throughout the home selling ordeal.  I have no reservations in recommending Sherri Matney to be your real estate agent."

- Dennis and Elizabeth Engelke

"I have known Sherri Matney for a little over 2 years in which time I can say with sincerity that she has been a godsend when it came to the sale and purchase of my property. I reached out to Sherri a few years ago when I was having difficulty selling my manufactured home through a flier mailed to me (which I believe was no coincidence). Though the home wasn’t worth much, and she was used to dealing with homes of drastically higher value, Sherri believed in me and took the challenge to get this property sold. She was persistent and never gave up. After much waiting, in February of 2015 she came through and got the manufactured house sold. She was instrumental in getting this accomplished smoothly and expeditiously.

Around September-October of 2015 my fiancé and I started looking for a house to buy in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Again, I reached out to Sherri and this time she came through in an even greater way. Not only did we close on a house in December of 2015, she was able to use her vast knowledge and expertise as a realtor to get us the house we wanted at a price that worked for us. You could say any realtor could do what Sherri did and probably so. However, for the amount of time we spent looking, Sherri always there for us, and kept our best interests at heart. The communication was excellent whether it was by phone, text or email. She made time for us and truly made the entire process from search to closing her priority. Sherri Matney is a person who embodies everything that one looks for when looking to buy or sell a house. She is foremost a woman of faith, who genuinely cares about her clients, she is honest and a person of extreme integrity and commitment. She is well connected in the industry with numerous years of experience, and even got us our lender (and she knows several) who worked with us, and made the whole process smooth. Sherri was there from beginning to end and even after the sale. Just because you buy or sell a house, she doesn’t forget who you are and follows up to make sure everything is going well. I endorse and recommend Sherri Matney with no hesitation for the fine work she does as a qualified and reputable realtor. We are living proof of what she has accomplished for us. I know if we are ever in the market to sell or buy I will be calling Sherri Matney."

- Sid

"Of all the Realtors I have used Sherri has been the best.  I have bought homes in CA, NV, MO and now TX.  The purchase of my recent home in TX was the most complicated and challenging.  As I transitioned into retirement I bought a home in TX.  This was totally unplanned and unexpected, especially since I was retiring.  My daughter's family had just moved to TX in January and bought a home in Prosper, TX and was blessed to have Sherri as their realtor.  As I bought my new home unexpectedly I decided to use Sherri because my daughter and son-in-law spoke so highly of her.  I thought that it would be a pretty easy deal for Sherri and I since I still lived in MO.  Wrong, being from out of state and not being able to attend to everything in TX made it complicated for Sherri and I.  Not only that the type of loan I was pursuing had hurdles to get approved too, (which we met but the lender had never dealt with before).  Sherri handled everything rapidly and professionally.  She set up all my appointments and had things scheduled so another family member could attend the appointments.  Since I was retiring there was no established proof on future income.  That was a major hurdle that Sherri had to deal with on the lenders.  The lenders would not return my calls and demanded two pages of questions to be addressed and documented.  It was overwhelming.  Sherri diligently kept things moving and gave me great encouragement throughout the questionable times.  As the closing date was approaching rapidly and still no final word from the lender, I packed up my belongings and came to TX.  It was less than 24 hours before closing that things finally were approved, which should have been done weeks before.  Needless to say, it was very stressful for myself and my family but Sherri managed to pursue everything possible to close my deal.  I highly recommend her to anyone who has a complicated escrow and needs someone that they can trust and totally depend upon.  Sherri, you are great!"

- Donna Davis Sent from my iPhone


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